Shake Your Face EP

by Go, Robo! Go!

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released September 2, 2011

Matt Nix - vocals, guitar, xylophone
Joe Dolan - bass, vocals, banjo, piano
Josiah Hutchison - drums
Gage Barron - synthesizer, programming
Luke Blase - guitar, background vocals

Recorded at American Revolution Recordings in Kennesaw, GA.
Engineered and mixed by Kevin Sellors.
Produced by Go, Robo! Go!.

Additional hand claps and gang vocals on "Ambush Journalism" provided by Justin Hayes, Ryan Lessard, and Eric Celler.

Guest vocals on "The Supervisor of Danger" graciously provided by Josh Williams of Ocean Is Theory. Additional background vocals on "The Supervisor of Danger" provided by Maggie Venable and Luca Grey.

Percussion on "Devil" performed by Casey Cooper. Background vocals on "Devil" provided by the amazing Trey Hawkins of Mama Gypsy. Choir vocals and stair stomping on "Devil" provided by Rev. Blake Ray, Hollis Adler, Michael Tifft, Austin Hight, Amanda Sayer, Amandien Mahé, and Chris Prezzioti. Scripture reading on "Devil" performed by Rev. Blake Ray.

All lyrics written by Matt Nix, except for "Ambush Journalism" written by Matt Nix & Joe Dolan.

All songs composed by Go, Robo! Go!

Album artwork by Daniel Araujo (

Special thanks to Kevin Sellors. Our thanks to Casey Cooper, Trey Hawkins, Blake Ray, Hollis Adler, Josh Williams, One Hard Night, Blood Oaks, The Marys, Winston Fulbright, Max Morrow, our families, our friends.



all rights reserved


Go, Robo! Go! Powder Springs, Georgia

Nerd rock and roll from Atlanta. We're really sexy.

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Track Name: Ambush Journalism
There are jackals in the parlor
with suspicious slight of hand
They've cast me as their slaughter
and I play lion to their lamb
They have fangs behind the curtain,
they play host upon the stage
Singing all their dirges out
to all of the unsaved.

I don't care about stormy weather.
Fuck that, I'm gonna live forever.
And even though my veins are tethered,
I'm still fucking with the world's endeavors.

There are rabbits in the garden
and the crop is yielding bare.
They whisper to their mother,
who prays for a better year.
Yet the snake beneath the bushes
knows the dangers of the damned.
It took one tree to give life
and one fruit to curse a man.
Track Name: Cheapthrill
Your teachers are lying, your parents are wrong
Aw, hell no..
The dancefloors aren't gone

(We made millions in backrooms,
We're settling scores)
Turning boys with bad tempers
Into delicate girls

Now wait in line
And take your time
Because you're all mine

What a shame, you're just another buzzkill
Waiting in line for the cheap thrill
Now you want it - Oh now you want it, huh?
That's a shame, man - take another pill!

There are spectres in waiting
There are ghosts in the halls
(And this whole damn city is waiting to fall)
But who can save us from taxes and death
When they've already taken our last, dying breath?
Track Name: The Supervisor of Danger
You went away, went away to the city lights
A world I never knew that well
And as they greeted you with their open arms,
I was the one to say 'farewell'..

The words we spoke in your quiet room
Under ceiling fan and sheets
Were like a trench dug in a battlefield
I never thought we would retreat

But you know all our friends
Turned out to be wolves
And you know all our love
Was the love of fools
We wander through the night
Searching for our light
And if we die,
We did the very best we could

I spent three nights awake now
And you have dressed it up so well
So far the guilt has collected here
Upon my restless frame

Despite my imperfections
They can't say I didn't try
The things left out of the darkness
And let out in the light
Track Name: Devil
They say they saw the devil alive in you
They say they saw the devil alive in you
God is coming on a white horse riding

Oh, you better repent by morning
They say God only gives one warning
Day by day, my magnolias are blooming
Night by night, my garden is dying
Oh, you better repent by morning
Judgement always comes without a warning
Day by day, my magnolias are blooming
By night, I have tried to save my life

("God is coming on a white horse riding,
God is coming on a white horse!")

They say they saw the devil alive in you
Boy, they saw the devil and he danced in you
God is coming on a white horse riding

"Then I saw the beast rising up out of the sea.."

They say they saw the devil alive in you
They say they saw the devil, boy, he danced in you
But, I will not be afraid of the dark..
I will not fear.