Still Unprofessional

by Go, Robo! Go!

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released February 8, 2014

Matt Nix - vocals, guitar
Joe Dolan - bass, rhodes, guitar, organ
Chris "Queen Bee" Preziotti - percussion

Additional guitar on "Terrible!", "1000 Points to Everyone", "Pirate Song", and "I?Love?This?Family." performed by Luke Blase.

Additional guitar on "Kennesaw Falls / No More" and "Smokey the Bear vs. The Healthcare Exchange" performed by Blake Dailey.

Percussion on "Terrible!", "1000 Points to Everyone", "Pirate Song", and "I?Love?This?Family." performed by Leandra Reeves.

Guest guitar on "Pirate Song" by Zachary Garren.
Guest keys/organ on "Pirate Song" by Matt Fazzi.
Guest guitar on "Kelso in Space" by Fred Mascherino.
Guest vocals on "Kelso In Space" and narrative on "The Big Shanty" performed by David Tyberg.

Additional background vocals on "Terrible!" by Mike Motter, Robbie Hiser, and Josiah Hutchison.
Additional gang vocals on "1000 Points to Everyone" performed by
Kienan Dietrich and Nora Arnette.
Spoken word dialogue on "I?Love?This?Family." performed by Hollis Adler.

Recorded throughout 2013 at American Revolution Studios in Kennesaw, GA. Engineered by Kevin Sellors.

All lyrics written by Matt Nix, except "The Big Shanty" written by Joe Dolan and Matt Nix.

Produced by Matt Nix, Joe Dolan, and Kevin Sellors.

Album art illustrated by Narciso Espiritu Jr.

Special thanks to Kevin Sellors, Luke Blase, Josiah Hutchison, Blake Dailey, Leandra Reeves, MomoCon, The Extraordinary Contraptions, Zachary Garren, Strawberry Girls, Matt Fazzi, Fred Mascherino. To our friends, family, and everyone who has supported our band in the past year - your patience, support, and patronage continues to make this a reality for us.

Any lyrical references to violence on this record should be considered purely fictional and not as a call to harm others. Their relation to any event in real life is unintentional and completely coincidental.

Dedicated to the memory and enduring spirit of Topper. Long live the king.



all rights reserved


Go, Robo! Go! Powder Springs, Georgia

Nerd rock and roll from Atlanta. We're really sexy.

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Track Name: Terrible!
The undead rise and claim copyright
The howl of wolves echo through the night
The infantry has all turned back
The priest and the diocese are under attack
We know no grace, we have no souls
We sing of sugar, hymn of the sword
The serpent's tail is now uncoiled
We raise a toast to the end of the world

(I'm still waiting..)
So lift your glass and hold your chin up for this terrible world
Atlanta, you should have known by now
That death was always going to win somehow
So lift your glass and hold your chin up for this terrible world

The windows break and the spectres moan
As the devil takes a seat upon the golden dome
Thinking all this time we should have known
Judgement is on its way down to Ponce de Leon
Seven echoes through the doors of city hall
Seven seraphs write the will of god on the walls
And this rhythm in me? Baby, cast it out.
Gather pigs for the lake and tell them all to drown.
Track Name: 1000 Points to Everyone
I've been counting cracks in the sidewalk,
waiting for the lines to turn my way.
Detonate the bomb in the city block.
Shrug it all off as you walk away.

Because every time I think my game has been won,
they cash it in and give a thousand points to everyone.
Now I've got nothing but my silence and my six gun.
So cash it in and give a thousand points to everyone.

Listen to the man on the TV, he'll help make up your mind.
Throw enough money at the problem, it resolves itself in time.

I'm on the road to the continent.
A thousand points to everyone like . . .
So keep your back straight
And keep your body arched
And keep your mind blank
And keep your heart dark

I can hear a voice in my head now.
I think it's laughing, but I'm not sure.
I feel like I've got the keys to every answer,
but no one told me the right door.

You've been waiting? Procrastinating.
Track Name: Pirate Song (featuring Matt Fazzi and Zachary Garren)
A vagrant crew of men, we lay claim to the sea
Restless, we are trouble
We are a scourge to the king
For riches untold, it never grows old
At least, it never will to me

We will burn this sea from our topsails
Until we die, we will pillage and plunder
We will burn this scene from our topsails
We will tear every port asunder

"Have you ever seen a crew so reckless?"
They all say as we drift port to port
We are vagabonds and soldiers of the fallen
Charmers and nobles of a rather grimy sort
Track Name: I?Love?This?Family.
Hello, mister officer. It's such a lovely day.
Won't you please come inside? I've got a lot of things to say.
I know you see the blood on the carpet,
but I just got carried away.
It's just so hard sometimes to keep myself at bay.

Hello, mister officer. Could you teach me how to fly?
I've got a collection of teeth that says you wouldn't find em if you tried.
I've got a number two pencil and I write a lot of lines.
I've got a number two pencil and I write a lot of lines.
Track Name: Kelso In Space (featuring Fred Mascherino and David Tyberg)
I've got honey, got honey
and a few new lines of condescension.
Honorable mention? Please.
I wanna know where the bad folks go.
Yeah, we own that grindstone underneath your knees.
"I'm making treaties with the secret police,
blocking all the exits, spiking all your drinks!"
It's tricky, tricky.
Me and my boys are in the back of the bar with our guitars,
trying to learn what friendship really means.

Shields up! Hold steady! Here we go!
You make your money in the backseats.
(Loaded questions.)
Shields up! Hold steady! Here we go!
There's a secret in the backmask.
(No intentions.)

It got stupid, got crazy.
I lost your lead in California.
Call yourself a martyr? Please.
I keep my credit card in the top drawer,
waiting for Lenore and a couple reasons to breathe.
You're making deals with the secret police,
taking all the good girls and making them think,
"We've got the money in the backseat, man man!
We've got that money in the backseat, man man!"
Track Name: The Big Shanty
Well, you're feeling like a man, now?
Oh, that's good.
We've come to fuck some shit up in your neighborhood.
It's all too good to last, and it wouldn't if it could,
to fight a constant battle in a war misunderstood.

You've been runnin', runnin', runnin'
just so you can feel somethin'
but I'd rather it be nothin'
than a funeral parade.

And I might sound crazy,
just a little bit too hazy,
but I'll be putting daisies on this dumpster grave.

You don't know us.
These streets are lined
with all these ghosts
from a different time.
And his echo, it is in mine.
We rock, we roll, and say goodbye.

From 21 to 30, I won't be waking early.
I'll be sleeping off this sense of growing ill
until we're free, until we're free, when there's more you than me,
until we chip ourselves down into the earth, into the mills.
I won't be the first, and I won't be the last, on a stage built for souls to have their say.
I'll be fighting with feathers in this ungodly weather until the ink dries up and fades away.
Track Name: Kennesaw Falls / No More
I have a mister with his finger on my trigger.
I'm standing steady, I know his grip is getting eager.
I lock his load down below, take it slow to the trigger.
I'm aiming straight until we blow to the trigger, trigger.

My boy wears the devil like a tailored suit.
You can taste that sulfur when he touches you.
You burn that symphony to my skin,
oh, make it burn through the thistle.
You can't pray this off your soul.
Lord, you can't leave it alone.

I'm learning any drink can be mixed down with silence
if you get a bit dangerous.
It's going to get a bit violent.
Now take a moment for the angel on your shoulder.
Now brush him off, brush him off, and push in further, further.
Track Name: Smokey the Bear vs. The Healthcare Exchange
And the sun goes down on our foresight.
Cartographers in the night without a lamplight.
Broken paths to old infatuations,
growing cold from growing old and situations.

A silent ghost, a thing of the past.
Its too much for anything to last.
For a sky that once spelled my name,
theres only shame and a rain that never seems to pass.

And in the shade, I found truth.
And in this shame, I found you.
And in this pain, I found truth.
And in the shade, I found you.

In the broadest terms, I felt alive in that summer sky.
In the broadest of all words, we moved down to the earth.
In the broadest strokes of lines, we felt our hearts intertwined.
In the broadest scope of words, we fell down to the earth.

A cancer designed.
Secret affair in light.

Make a wish. Take a breath. Take it all in. . .