Survival Songs EP

by Go, Robo! Go!

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released December 24, 2014

Madeline Nix - vocals, guitar, piano
Shilo Dangerous - guitar, synth
Joe Dolan - bass
Chris Preziotti - drums

Narration on "Day 5: Still Alive" performed by Chris Patton.

Produced by Go, Robo! Go! and Lee Jennings.
Recorded and engineered by Lee Jennings at Ghost Kids Studios.

Thanks to everyone who supported our music and gave us a reason to make yet another collection of songs.



all rights reserved


Go, Robo! Go! Powder Springs, Georgia

Nerd rock and roll from Atlanta. We're really sexy.

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Track Name: Day 5: Still Alive
Your wishes are just disease
and trapped inside each fever dream.
The lines between close and apart
are etched inside the empty dark.

Last night, the dead came alive and
we're running through the night to survive and
still got that money in the backseat, man man
Running through the highways with no plan

Day one, it's time for us to run
Day three, we both escape the city
Day four, we barricade the door
Day five, we're both still alive

Now we're here in the city of undead
Moving fast, learning how to survive
Yeah, here we are in the city of undead
and I can't tell between the dead and alive
Thinking back, I forgot to tell you
I wish I had just one more chance
to take the time to really understand you
before we lost to circumstance

Still they persist, now we're defenseless
We spent the evening in the back of a truck
I wanna trust you, I wanna love you,
but I think I'm down on my luck
Track Name: Sins/Sacrifice
We peddle sin to the highest bidder,
black magic from the back of our carts.
We speak to demons and we know their secrets,
deep cuts in the coldest of hearts.
We bottle lies and the worst intentions,
black spots and the blackest of nights.
We make deals with the cruelest of humans,
cold blooded with a crook in their spines.

Well-versed in sin and sacrifice,
we bottle doom and we trade in gloom.
Steal the soul of every girl in the gentry,
indiscretions with the boys in the ballroom.

Sharp tongues and the mass corrupted,
sink in and I'll sing you to sleep.
Everyone lives a life of virtue,
I'll show you better if you stick it with me.
Oh, you think that you're so clever?
Come up and try your luck.
I pull the strings that'll make your soul dance,
unaware you've already given it up.

And you know that you'll lose.
Tell me that you want to.
Track Name: This Queen, Her Crown
Leave their hearts for dead
and paint them scarlet red.
Play the rook against the pawn,
and drain them 'til it's gone.

Build me up or bring me down,
lead this city all to waste.
Build me up, bring me down.
Oh, I'll never be replaced.
Build me up, bring me down,
oh, lead the city all to waste.
Build me up, bring me down,
oh, get me out of this place.

This queen, her crown,
even the bravest men will fall.
God knows her life will damn us all.
This queen, her crown,
burn the bridges, scale the walls.

Tell him that you mean it, tell him that you do.
Say it with your best voice, because I see right through.
Track Name: Deconstructionism
Break apart my dialogue,
deconstruct my words.
It's all that I can do right now
to keep you in my world.
Is today a day you need me or a day I'm cast aside?
I'll never understand you or the way that you decide.

I just wish I ever knew what I really meant to you.
It goes on and on and on.
I just wish you'd ever say, 'Wait, please don't go away.'
It goes on and on and on.

Break apart my sympathy
and all the times I've tried.
Cross the line between us,
see my heart is on that line.
Another time of peace,
oh lord, another time of war.
Hold me to your standards
until I'm holding on no more.