The Miniboss EP

by Go, Robo! Go!

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Our first EP, recorded in 2007.


released April 25, 2007

Matt Nix - vocals
Joe Dolan - bass, organ
Blake Dailey - guitar
Leandra Reeves - drums

Recorded at Morrow House Studios.
Engineered by Max Morrow.

Album art by Daniel Araujo.



all rights reserved


Go, Robo! Go! Powder Springs, Georgia

Nerd rock and roll from Atlanta. We're really sexy.

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Track Name: American Poet
Oh, I'm starting to believe that there's something in my system
Rearranging nuts and bolts and-
Hey, pay attention!
Like pacifism in new bloom
Its the taste inside my mouth
Resembling a bitter pill
So I just try and spit it out
But its directing all my drives
Dictating my ambition
Redesigning, motivating, rewriting my prescriptions
I've got quotas to fill
The market trading is still on time
I got my adaptive thought process
My countenance is blind

I feel like an American poet
But I don't know what to write
So I'm sitting here real quiet
Til they say that it's my time for me to
Come up to the blackboard and try to recite
All their silly little patterns and vagrant little rhymes
Like it's the last thing they would do
They found a way to keep us quiet
Only problem is they're killing off a virus with a virus
So just know when anxiety grips you, man
Its for your health
The only side effect might be losing your sense of self

They say that beauty comes in numbers
Guess my arithmetic is dull
Full of soft lines and hard drives and underpaid tolls
I feel like the media, unprocessed
Less kick in my step
De-evolutionize the data until there's simply nothing left
Well, this is blissful disillusion
Passing, failing, paranoid?
Well, this is helping me to listen while my circuits get destroyed
The corporate race to keep us focused
Seratonin, cure us all
It's microchip insemination
Darling, the writing is on the wall.
Track Name: Defeatism
You've been playing the translator
Dictation by a dictator
So assured that I'm incapable
So confident I'm falling under
On credit from a second line
My intentions, redefined
Broadcast backwards and in half time
Until I'm the one that'll pay the crime

Play the victim
Recite your symptoms
With such conviction
Preach defeatism, now
Play the victim
Enjoy the friction
Urge conversation
But preach defeatism, now

I've been surfacing underneath the weight of your intentions
I've been tricking underneath your pacifism
So lets rearrange our ties
Alleviate whats yours to arrange whats mine
Tonight I'm taking back my own design
Track Name: Shounen A.I.
Up the stairs and it's brilliant
Underneath reformed measure in you
Open the door, hand my coat to a doorman
Oh, now its into the parlor room
Gentleman's conversation on what only the finest liquor could exhume
Looks my way
Asks my name
Lips dressed in a smirk laced with the scent of bourbon like sweet perfume

Taking breaths, faking cold shoulders
Is it me or the did the room just get colder
Whispers and before I can think we're cuing a backstage exit
My heart is pounding
As it watches my train of thought derailing
A quick silence
Inviting him, "tear me apart"

Dusty armories watching as we make our way inside
Disguised from curious eyes
Like kisses from Judas
Or Macbeth, unable to pray
Behind closed doors and behind these walls
I'm being thrown away

Hands clawing into my side,
pulling back my intents as fingertips itch
Among whispers kept to a quiet, rising against
The sinking sensation in my chest rising because I know
It's coming and I'm waiting for it to tear me apart

Oh, I swear that I never meant to do this
Please forgive me
It's just he told me he loved me
Underneath the sheets
He spoke like a gentleman
With blonde hair like a cherub
Pulling me close, leaving me
Deflowered most unnaturally
A bitter taste of my adultery
Track Name: Smokey the Bear is a Corporate Tool
Dearest darling, it's fahrenheit infatuation
Kept to a whisper
Two sticks to form an equation
Well, find your derivative
A lust for oxygen
Tonight, I make my mark
My accent to the sky

A cancer designed
Secret affair in light
I see my name
In the crimson sky

Lets face an obvious reaction:
A boy and a chemical attraction
Appealed to this fahrenheit fashion
Sin's sweetest vindication
My lust is sweet, sus manifest
Oh no, sans manifest

Swallowed by flames
Track Name: LSD (Bonus Track)
Was it the wind,
guiding your sails and directing your mast?
Oh, calloused little boy,
did you lose your treasure map?

I should have seen it coming but
pride disguises denial.
Keep treading water if it makes you feel alive.

It's just delusions of grandeur.
Come on, baby, practice what you preach.
It's another thing to swear by
and just one more step out of reach.

Save our vessel, save him from himself,
save him from his reasons and from what he pleads.
He's been calling me out but he's too far out for rescue.
The prideful sailor and his disaster at sea.

Is it what makes you feel alive?
I should have seen it coming.
Look where your rebel flag got you,
but maybe I was never really aware of you at all.
I shouldn't have put it past you,
but when I was swimming past you,
I was leaving you to take the fall.

We're testing warning of a high tide
and below the waters is a friend of mine.
So go on, I should have never made it worth my time.
I should have never put it past you to cross the line.